Over the last several years I've learned to embrace my creative side and appreciate the creativity of others through cosplay, prop making, and 3D printing and modelling. As I've fallen deeper I've discovered that there are so many great people building up those communities. They have consistently had one thing in common: creating something, anything, and good or bad put it out there. As a result they have gotten better, the community has gotten better, and something existed that never existed before. This site is a way for me to do the same, record my successes and failures, and connect to others out there creating their own things.

Although my focus is on my own work I won't hesitate to promote those I think are putting themselves out there or providing help to those that wish to. Head on over to the Community page to see the growing list of those I support.

You will also find a collection of Resources I have found useful along the way that I hope will help you as well. And I hope you find this site useful as well. If you appreciate what I'm doing don't hesitate to let me know through social media, purchasing items from the Store, or meeting up at any of the upcoming Events I will be at.


This site and the 3D work I do is a labor of love. By day I'm a software developer which allows me to indulge in my hobbies including on this site and others. It also helps to keep me socialized with others in between events to allow me at least a semblance of sanity.

The developer community in Winnipeg is quite small so there is a good chance if I haven't worked with you we have either worked with the same person or for the same company at different times.